dunkirk part deux

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

just when you were sick and tired of seeing the same bloody actors in film after film, christopher nolan comes along and finds replacements for aging hipsters like johnny depp (see harry styles). years ago a friend went into great detail as to why she hated saving private ryan. number one, the germans were pure evil, not even a tiny bit of character nuance there. number two, until the end of the film you saw one recognizable actor after another. with the except of kenneth branagh –the older statesmen in the film have recognizable faces but that’s really it. we at a blog about whatever think that we are living in the age of the auteur with a side of superhero movies.


dunkirk and the men’s movement

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

it all started in the 1990s with the book iron john. this book talked about men going into the woods (or something like) to reclaim themselves. it spawned a bit of a movement. fast forward to charlottesville and take a u-turn via dunkirk. we choose to believe that the america’s far-right’s march on charlottesville was at its heart a cry for help. we will not digress into psychoanalysis as we at a blog about whatever do not believe in psychology although we do believe that mental illness should be treated by a psychiatrist and with lots of meds. like maybe “e.” which once upon a time was legal and might be once again.

the first time i saw the dunkirk trailer i thought, wait a minute. there are no women in this movie. and yesterday while perusing youtube watching behind-the-scenes stuff, it would seem to be that minus christopher nolan’s wife slash producer, the dunkirk set was a fraulein-frei-zone. does this matter? probably not.  no more revisionism plz. there were (most likely) no women on the beach at dunkirk. but nolan did toss in a couple of red cross nurses.  ernst hemingway would’ve enjoyed this film.

so here is our recommendation for a sequel. SPOILER ALERT. since kenneth brannagh’s character mentions his staying behind to help rescue french troops, we think that would be dunkirk II. for dunkirk III we’d like to see the retelling of the original story from the point of view of the german pilots and sailors (torpedoing the british ships). for dunkirk IV maybe a prisoner of war story with tom hardy could work quite nicely.

antifa vs. homeland security

Friday, September 1st, 2017

the trump administration seems to be busy. according to politico, the US department of homeland security has said antifa has classified their activities as domestic terrorist violence. not sure what that means. are they on like a list now. or are they just in the crosshairs? does this have anything to do with the trump administration trying to get an ISP to handover the 1.9M visitors to a webpage used to organize counter demonstrators for the US president’s inauguration.

mdma workst well on ptsd

Friday, September 1st, 2017

oh. so many acronymns. mdma (aka ecstasy) banned in 1985 is on the cusp of making an offical legal comback.  the encyclopedia britannica describes “e” as EcstasyMDMA (3,4, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), a euphoria-inducing stimulant and hallucinogen. The use of Ecstasy, commonly known as “E,” has been widespread despite the drug’shaving been banned worldwide in 1985 by its addition to the international Convention on Psychotropic Substances. It is a derivative of the amphetamine family and a relative of the stimulant methamphetamine. Ecstasy, which is taken in pill or powder form, also has a chemical relationship to the psychedelic drug mescaline. just in case you wanted to know.

david duke troll

Monday, August 28th, 2017

david duke, the former grand wizard of the KKK (that’s klu klux klan) can be easily spotted in the comment section of any random article about the charlottesville massacre. he’s the one complaining about the bolsheviks. nobody under the age of maybe 60 or maybe 70 has ever heard that term. i vaguely remember it from an undergrad course on russian history. but i only took that course because my top choices were closed and nobody was interested in russian history.

southern poverty law center

Monday, August 28th, 2017

some might say that ayaan hirsi ali is intolerant and is to blame for hollands’ fall from the disney land of europe to a hotbed of populism and xenophobia. that would only be partially true. as the foundation had already been lain by the success of the homosexual dutch populist pim fortuyn, who was killed by a dutch animal rights activist in the early 00s. given that ayaan hirsi ali is black and coupled with her being a recovering muslim, gives her criticism of the religion a certain weight, which maybe it should not have. why is she an expert on a particular religion? is it because she was raised in it. having grown up attending a christian church, does this make a person an expert on christianity? isn’t that why the clergy exists. at least the ones who actually hold a college degree in religious studies. now ali (not to be confused with mohammad ali) is on a quest to take down the southern poverty law center. the SPLC is a civil right organization that tracks intolerance and hate in the united states. according to her editorial in the new york times, she’s a bit pissed that the SPLC has put her on their hate group list. given that she has the right to say what she wants to about anyone as long as she is not inciting violence, the SPLC has the right to add her to a list of what they perceive as intolerant people. does she have the right to sue them? probably not. but her partner in arms in the UK, according to the BBC’s Hardtalk has decided to pursue this route. the first amendment in the US is not about picking and chosing what you like or don’t like. and as richard cohen says in the Hardtalk interview below, even the alt-right have the right to march in the US because the law allows it. and there are those who believe it is easier to deal with issues that are above ground than those that are below ground and opens up the opportunity of an intellectual debate. whether or not one agrees with the marchers is a completely different issue. the SPLC serves a useful purpose. their website is like a whose who of hate in the US. it is of course the PoV of the people who work at SPLC but they seemingly endeavour to backup their PoV with facts. it is up to the reader to decide whether or not he or she agrees with the SPLC.

james cameron slams wonder woman

Friday, August 25th, 2017

in an interview with the guardian magazine, film director james camerson (director of avatar, terminator, and the horrible titanic films) slams the new wonder woman movie. he thinks sarah connor from terminator is a better character. –neglects to mention his tendency to date/have sex with/and/or marry most of the female leads in his films. we like gal gadot (wish i knew how to correctly pronounce her name). she was great in the fast and the furious films –despite not having been given much to do. and minus the large setpiece action sequence at the end, wonder woman is actually a really good film. we say hats off to director patty jenkins for getting signed to the sequel. and for going online to defend her film. looks like james cameron might be ripe for a boycott whenever he finishes his smurf movies.

mnunchin defends himself, or tries to

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

the trump administration brings you the US treasury secretary and producer of suicide squad, steve mnuchin. enough said. mnunchin defends donald trump against alumni from his yale graduating class. we guess the elite schools in the US just ain’t what they used to be.

we agree with the eff

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

we’re not sure if all those websites that lost their DNS registry and webhosting services last week should be forced onto the dark web and tor because the company that hosts their webservices doesn’t like what they are blogging about. on the one had, private companies should make private decisions. but this is the equivalent of cancelling someones telephone service because you don’t like that the owner is using it to trash talk his friends/call his drug dealer/or _insert unforgivable offensive act here_. this does not mean we support the offensive act. neither does the electronic frontier foundation (EEF)–as they so eloquently explains so on their website. on the wall street journal, in the comment section louis rousetto writes Completely agree with EFF. Free speech is not just about the government, it’s the foundation of a free society. Just because corporate censorship of the public space may be legal, doesn’t make it beneficial or right. I certainly don’t want corporate executives and their bureaucrats to determine what I can see or read any more than I want government censors to. Fascism isn’t about the government, it’s about a way of thinking. Censorship is fascism, whoever practices it. If this is really louis rousetto, he and jane metcalf co-founded the original Wired magazine –not the sh*t version that exists today.

we are standing in the wings waiting for the daily storm front stormer lawsuit against cloudfare. it’s been ages since the united states, let alone the western world has had the chance to witness a knockdown court case about free speech. we wonder what lenny bruce and william s. burroughs would think.

bannon’s exit

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

there is really nothing to say about steve bannon. his exit from the white house has been thoroughly covered. in the end despite trump claiming that bannon only turned up at the end of his presidential campaign, ann coultur, bannon, milo (omg we wrote his name, but we won’t write his last name) , breitbart and the originals (which includes katrina pierson,  corey lewandowski and mike flynn) made donald trump the candidate –despite the art of the deal trump and the apprentice trump having already existed. they sort of helped define, shape and roundout the donald trump show. notice how we did not include sean spicer and reince in this group. the remaining lackies in the west wing and the administration have no street cred with americans in the midwest, south and mountain time.  and they aren’t remotely funny. not even a little bit well, except for kellyanne conway. but steve mnuchin did produce suicide squad. if that’s not funny, what is?