israel has no deal for refugee relocation

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

the israeli government is on a quest to push out around 40K refugees from africa by offering the opportunity to relocate to other african countries that don’t even border israel and whose governments deny that they have a deal to accept the refugees. what is the end result? indefinite imprisonment of the refugees. or maybe they can go to libya where they might have the opportunity to be enslaved.


the sad tale of macedonia

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

the former yugoslav republic of macedonia was the only territory to peacefully break away from yugoslavia after communism started crumbling in europe. unfortunately because greece sees the name macedonia as belonging to its history, this small balkan country has been blocked by greece from joining NATO and starting the EU accession process. this in turn has caused the country internal problems. yesterday greek nationalists took to the steet to protest its country’s quest to solve this name issue.

vw to manfacture in rwanda

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

volkswagen opens factory in rwanda. first vehicle set to appear in may of this year. according to der spiegel, vw views rwanda as it did china when it started assembling cars their–as a stable country with low government corruption. as we have written recently, rwanda and its capital kigali aims to replicate the success of singapore. the new york times recently published a travel guide to rwanda.

trump ends visa program for haiti

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

one week after labeling haiti a shit hole country, 2 months after claiming all haitians have AIDs and 6 months after canceling tens of thousands of temporary visas for haitians, the trump administration keeps beating up on this latin american country with africa roots. why? the US has a complicated relationship with haiti. the US sent troops into the country during the early 20th century completely unprovoked simply to occupy and ‘secure’ the US. whatever that means. then the US propped up multiple haitian dictators whose middle names were ‘corruption.’ according to the young turks website trump tower in manhattan sold an apartment to one of those dirty dudes from this sh@t hole country and the payment was in cash. are trump and the haitian artist wyclef frenemies? did he (too) turn down an invite to trump’s 2017 presidential inauguration? or are the US senators jeff sessions, tom cotton and el presidente donald trump really focused on tossing brown and black folks out of the US? well. sending 50K haitians back to a country that is on its way to joining the emerging markets thanks to billions of investment from china and xi jingping is not necessarily bad for haitians in the longrun. but setting a deadline for the end of temporary visas then cancelling haiti’s eligibilty for low skilled visas is beyond cruel. we economic liberals *liberale* with a small *l* as in libertarian in US speak believe in free trade and free movement of people. the west continues to deal cruelly with this country. after breaking from france the french navy blockaded haiti to prevent the country from receiving supplies. the blockade was lifted after haiti agreed to pay the french government repararions in the billions. haiti only finished repaying this debt about 50 years ago. it took the country 120 years to repay this debt.

marvel film director offers trump 100K for real medical exam

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

james gunn, director of the marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy is offering to give the US president’s charity 100K (in USD) if trump will step on an accurate scale. he argues that trump cannot possibly weigh 239 pounds (108 kg) and gives visual proof.

brussels follows rwanda

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

rwanda, contrary to what the US president (that would be donald trump) might think, is one of the cleanest countries in the world. in 2008, this landlocked country on the african continent decided to ban plastic bags. a bit like how singapore’s government decided to piss westerners off by outlawing chewing gum in 1992. now it looks like the EU is following rwanda’s example. In 2017 kenya also banned the use of plastic bags.

tom cotton vs chris christie

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

the united states senator from arkansas bet his career on trump this weekend, by denying that the US president said that more than 1.2B people live in shit hole countries. given that initially he could not remember what trump said. then he suddenly remembered that trump did not call haiti, el salvador and 55 african countries shithole nations. eric eriksen (sp?) founder of the red state website told website that he has personally spoken with people (aka friends of trump who leak stuff) who said trump called them to brag about his shit hole comment as he thought it would play well to his base.

in 2016 following the new hampshire presidential primary, the then new jersey governor chris christie put his reputation on the line, backed donald trump (because he hated jeb bush and marco rubio so much) and helped him win the republican primaries and the election. in the end, all he got was, well nothing. like most people who over the years have done business with the trump family. no cabinet position. nothing.

foreign money in european politics

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

should foreigners be allowed to donate money to dutch and EU politicians? is this a form of buying influence? according to a dutch newspaper, american david horowitz and his far right foundation have donated at least 150K to the dutch politican geert wilders. in most western countries politicians are not allowed to accept gifts over a certain amount that is more like 30 or 100 euros and not 150K.

the african union challenges trump

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

after trump made sh@itty comments about el savador, haiti and the continent of africa, the 55 member africa union (initially founded in the 1960s includes 54 countries on the continent plus the island of madagascar) has challenged trump to clarify exactly which of the countries on the continent are sh@t holes. in the bbc article we link to, illinois senator dick durbin confirms in an on camera interview that the US president made the sh@tty comments. the continent has many challenges. but trump is living in the wrong century. an opposition leader in the ghana government is calling on the countries in emerging markets to boycott the US while donald trump is in office. given that the continent has 1.2B people and is a reliable trading partner doing 400B USD per year of trade with china, americans should be made aware that this so-called sh@t place has trading partners in the US. seriously. some countries on the continent such as rwanda have already slapped high tariffs on clothing coming from the US causing a projected loss of more than 40K jobs in the USA. we believe this happened following trump’s nigerians live in huts comments. last we heard the USA is still an oil dependent country filled with petro-guzzling autos nobody outside the US wants. yes we said oil. oil–most of which is located in africa. thinking of the north as being seperate from the southern part of the continent is straight out of the 19th century. also, the majority of minerals elon musk needs to power his tesla mobiles is located in the undemocratic republic of congo. in the 1970s OPEC caused an international energy crisis that affected the US quite harshly and that along with the crisis, at that time, in iran, helped push jimmy carter out of office. libertarians (known as economic liberals outside north america) believe international trade and the free flow of people is a win-win situation. it is a winner for deutschland. it is why germany, despite having a population about 25% the size of the US is the 2nd largest importer in the world. also people like to trade with countries with friendly leaders, not tyrants.

dutch journalists ask real questions

Friday, January 12th, 2018

the new-ish US ambassador to holland peter hoekstra got a real grilling by dutch reporters yesterday. we think he thought he’d be met by rastafarians with giant bongs.