identitarians or nazi hipsters?

Friday, July 21st, 2017

this identity movement for young people founded in france expanded to germany in 2012. the italian branch recently raised 100K to charter a ship to enter libyian waters, confront humanitarian aid organizations in the attempt to literally send africans back to africa. the german branch is under surveillance due to their perceived undemocratic leanings. which in turn is maybe justified. recently the group tried to storm the justice building in germany as the members of the identetarians (sp?) protested germany’s new anti-hate speech law.

in honor of all the paranoid authoritarians in the world

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

think different. or think differently?


far right takes ship to high seas

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

a far right group has raised more than 80,000 USD to charter a ship. and now are headed to the mediterranean to snoop on NGOs and deter immigrants from coming to europe.

steve king says mean things about fat poor people

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

steve king, united states representative from iowa and also the united states’ future ambassador to the czech republic (now known as czechia we think) thinks programs that help women and poor people should be cut and used to pay for donald trump’s border wall with mexico. is our interpretation accurate? you can tell us. he is correct on some levels. in that welfare programs in the united states were initially created to fight poverty. has it created inter-generational dependency? there is no proof of this. but the majority of people on social welfare in the united states are poor white women –the majority of whom voted for donald trump.

airbnb host caught on camera shoving guest

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

the beauty of the internet, camera phones and the internet of things, is that in the 21st century life has been made a bit more transparent. 20 years ago someone would hear a rumour that x,y,z had happened to their friend who rented an apartment. we would be outraged, but perhaps a bit sceptical. sometimes people make decisions in the heat of the moment that are perhaps clouded by a personal bias. one would assume that if one were to stay at the holiday inn that the probability of the manager pushing you down a flight of stairs would be minimal. so perhaps this is an argument for the advantages of staying at a hotel as opposed to a tiny apartment in amsterdam or anywhere else for that matter.

airbnb has gotten infront of the potential problem. which is good. it is a good service that provides normal people with the opportunity to earn extra money. given that wages are relatively low and stagnant in parts of the developed world, this is appreciated by a lot of people.

turks get their groove back

Monday, July 10th, 2017

it has taken more than 1 year of turks facing the clamp down on free speech, the clamp down on the judiciary, the purging of intellectuals from universities, the grounding of turkey’s academic class before the opposition parties in turkey have pushed back. the recent jailing of one of the politicians from turkey’s main opposition party has inspired them to democratically push back against turkey’s president erdogan. the 25 day protest march across turkey ended yesterday with a rally with 1.5M people in istanbul where kemel kilicdaroglu of the republican people’s party spoke yesterday. **Updated 100K to 1.5M people**

trump silent on american killed in greece

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

thus far there are almost 700 comments about bakari hendersen, a 22 year old american college student killed in greece. according to the washington post, he was beat up by 10 people inside and outside a club with the main perpetrators being a brit of serbian origin who worked at the club and a greek person who also worked at the club. after attempting to flee the club apparently the student was set upon by up to 10 people, most of whom were serbs. this situation is terrible on multiple levels.

maybe trump has not mentioned anything about this incident that occurred 2 days ago because the dead dude is from texas, and trump has texas in the bag for 2020. but he might remember that the dead guy went to school in arizona. arizona. you know. the swing state. or maybe trump doesn’t care because the student is a black american and he believes he was actually hiding the fact that he was born in kenya.

poland not the west

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

trump and his crusty crew of alt right nationalists have got a geography problem. when delivering his speech in warsaw last week to the bussed in props. the US president underscored the achievements of the west. like wikipedia, trump and his speechwriter have a north-western bias. this administration also has a geography problem. poland spent 50 years behind the iron curtain in the USSR. along with other east european countries like the then czechoslavakia and east germany, poland’s history is decidedly tied to this region and the golden age of communism. during this difficult period of wealth redistribution, the only worthwhile achievements from this region were gold medals at the olympics during the golden age of performance enhancing drugs. communism and its inefficiencies left a hard to delete mark on the new EU countries. and these centrally planned societies run by illiberal victor orban-esque dictators destroyed their economies, supressed free speech, pluralism and freedom of expression. the artists who flourished during this time were mostly propagandists and party flunkies.

most of the industries and factories in this region vanished after the berlin wall fell in 1989 due to inefficiencies. and these countries are still trying to catch up with western europe economically, intellectually and emotionally.

poland buses in fake fans to greet trump

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

2 years ago trump descended from the escalators at trump tower in the US city of manhattan to announce his presidency surrounded by people who had allegedly been hired to applaud his speech. fast forward 2 years and a similar situation is about to happen in poland. it is quite a trend now for east european authoritarian politicans to bus in supporters for speeches and rallies possibly out of fear that nobody will show up. but in developing and transitional countries, free food and drinks coupled with complimentary transportation is enough of a bribe to motivate crowds of fawning nationalists to turn up.

but the crowds of demonstrators that await trump this week in hamburg for the G-20 event will not have been bused in by anyone. you can read the hill article here.

kushner + msnbc – national enquirer = extortion

Saturday, July 1st, 2017
The Hill
Kushner told ‘Morning Joe’ hosts to apologize to Trump or tabloid story would run