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clueless bryan singer didn't know scientology was a prob in germany

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

one would think that when the powers that be in hollywood decide to make a movie in a particular country, whether it be the czech republic, poland, romania, thailand, or germany, that they might pause for a moment to find out a bit about the culture. unfortunately, everyone seems to believe he knows everything he needs to know about deutschland. which is quite surprising considering most of the locals don’t even know when germany became a country.

bryan singer, who is directing the tom cruise fiaso valkyrie for united artists, freely admitted to the new york times that he had no idea that scientology was an issue in germany when he cast tom cruise in the role of von stauffenberg. apparently he didn’t realize the importance of the figure in the context of history either.


will lack of voice dialing hurt the iPhone?

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

since voice dialing is essentially the only way you can legally use a mobile phone in your car, is the lack of a voice dialing function on the iPhone going to hurt it? according to the economist it will. that along with the fact that it takes about six steps to make one telephone call. the article blames these oversites on apple’s refusal to solicit input from wireless services companies such as AT&T, which has an exclusive lock on the phone in the u.s. over the next 2 years. additionally, the phone isn’t equipped to use 3G cellular networks, so surfing the web is cumbersome.

music industry fears apple dominance with iPhone

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

the music industry greets the introduction of the new iPhone in the u.s. (which is predicted to sell 10M sets there) with apprehension. last week, apple became the 3rd largest retailer in the u.s. and as more and more music stores bite the dust and as digital sales haven’t yet replaced revenue from cd sales in north america or europe, there’s a feeling that times will only grow worse for the industry over the next couple of years. at the moment, you can sell 60K albums in one week and enter the top 5 chart in the u.s. justin timberlake, arguably the largest pop artist in the u.s. has sold 3.3M copies of his new release, while the last nysync album sold 2M copies during its first week of sales back in 2000. this is no reflection on timberlake, his new album is infinitely better than any of the stuff nysnyc cranked out in the 90s, its more a reflection of the market. for mor details click here.

financial times on the block?

Friday, June 29th, 2007

well, not yet. but it has been suggested that the owner’s should sell the financial times now to avoid an international war with rupert murdoch who is in the process of buying the u.s. based, the wall street journal. you may have to register to read the observer article.

wikipedia could be instrumental in chris benoit/wrestler mystery

Friday, June 29th, 2007

well, its not a mystery. the man and his family were found dead. i’ve intentionally not followed this story as it just underscores the level of violence in the u.s. that is absolutely chilly. but apparently, someone at wikipedia or one of their wiki people noticed that the update to chris benoit’s website about the death of the benoits was updated before the police found the bodies.

cnn no more paid video myspace video

Friday, June 29th, 2007

cnn has decided to no longer charge for video on their website. i never realized they did. no wonder my player never worked!

myspace launches a video bit to try to give youtube a run for its money.

u.s. teen may get 20 years for school fight

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

why is it that an animal rights activist in holland can get 15 years in prison for assasinating a politician, but an african-american u.s. teen who gets in a school fight over a racial incident is, according to the associate press, looking at 20 years behind bars?
unfortunately, yahoo has taken this original link down. you can read more about the case on the bbc websites.

vanity fair german version having problems?

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

is it true that vanity fair deutschland is having problems? spiegel online seems to think that the 50M euro experiement with a weekly version of the popular american brand isn’t working. a few weeks ago i saw an ad for the magazine in a sunday issue of the tabloid BILD.

the daily mail strikes back liz hurley's wobbly ass

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

it seems, the daily mail is intent on showing celebs at their worst. last week, we got a bunch a photos of kate moss and her wobbly knobby knees. this week, there’s photos of madonna’s over exercised arms and liz hurley’s cellulite ass. perhaps now that paris is out of the slammer, the tabloid celebs have now fallen out of favor. have they’ve become the ones the public and some journos luv 2 hate?

spotlight hugger schwarzenegger uses tax payers money to visit europe

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

what’s he doing tooling around europe, visiting his home town graz (the powers that be in the city removed his name from their website as well as their football stadium), now he’s in the uk to hang out with tony blair on blair’s last day in office.