harry potter spoiler hermione dies

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

have i ruined your day? were you hoping it was harry? i certainly was as i’m tired of looking at daniel radcliff (with or without the horse). but in all actuality, i don’t even know that hermione dies. i read it on the internet a bit like how you’re reading about it here. hopefully the guys from bloomsbury and scholastic won’t send me an email demanding i remove this damn bit of information. i cannot authenticate whether she dies or not.

but let us speculate for a moment. what if the character who we can’t at the moment separate from the actress (and new face of chanel) emma watson, dies. wouldn’t that be a bummer. she’s the only cool thing about the series. why couldn’t it be ron. although he’s quite good for comic relief, he’s a bit useless, isn’t he?

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