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hillary clinton cockblocks the press and connives with CNN

Friday, November 30th, 2007

according to an aritcle in the prestigous washington post, hillary rodham clinton can’t be bothered to engage directly with the press. so much so, that she is one of the lone candidates who has failed to provide journalists with a bus. one might ask, what does she have to hide? is it because she can’t speak off-the-cuff without putting her foot in her mouth? mid-summer, the financial times invited hillary clinton to sit down with them for their weekend edition ‘lunch with’ article. according to the FT reporter, hillary’s spokes person told the FT that there was no way that hillary would sit down with anyone for 90 minutes and let the whole conversation be on the record. how paranoid is that?that a member of hillary’s campaign was planted to ask a question during the clinton news channel (aka cnn) debates is not surprising. denials are everywhere, but some ace bloggers have caught her in the act. what’s she up to? the whole thing was hers to lose. now she’s running behind 5 republicans who barely know their own platforms in the national polls.


julia roberts chases down photographer in her suv

Friday, November 30th, 2007

julia roberts was captured on tape, chasing down a photographer in her gas guzzeling sport utility vehicle in her new role, bitch from hell. might she be slightly pre-menosposal? or has she completely lost it? you can watch a clearer version on breitbart tv.

can there be any industry other than film that has used digital technology to increase costs?

Friday, November 30th, 2007

here’s a breakdown of why films just aren’t really making any money. it costs about 2M dollars per minute for special effects. then add in the stars who get 20% of the gross of a movie. and you start to think that making movies is kind of a pyramid scheme.

orlando bloom day

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

it is seemingly orlando bloom day. know how you go online and run across an article and one thing leads to another and then suddenly you’re on wikipedia looking up some inane information on some obscure subject, then you run across the name ‘orlando’ or ‘bloom’ and you think, yeah what’s going on with orlando bloom. will he be in the hobbit film? were there even elves in the hobbit book? so you type in orlando bloom. and you see that in 2004 or 5 he made some obscure movie called haven about interracial love on the cayman islands that you missed.

mind you, aside from the lord of the rings trilogy and the pirates trilogoy, i have my doubts about orlando’s judgement. ‘kingdom of heaven’ was god awful. and i so took a pass on ‘elizabethtown’ and the ‘calcium kid.’

okay, so i digress. and so one thing leads to another and invariably, you end up on youtube. and you watch like 4 or 5 scenes from his self-produced film haven:

then of course you get caught up in the youtube thing. and somehow you end up on the japanese incarnation and ran across this commercial:

and when i see stars in japanese commericals, i can’t help but think of that trash film that everyone used to rave about, ‘lost in translation.’ i vehemently disliked that film when i saw it. i found it a bit racist. and other ists as well.

no matter. the long and the short of it is. orlando bloom cannot open a film. go to boxofficemojo and type in ‘the calcium kid’ or ‘elizabethtown’ or hell even ‘kingdom of heaven’ and ‘troya’ and see what numbers come up. but little girls seem to love him. i bet he makes a mint on posters. maybe he should put out a special limited edition t-shirt of his thumb print or an impression of his ass. he really should consider going blond again. but we give the boy a big thumbs up for trying to expand beyond the popcorn films. and i will say ‘black hawk down’ was an _excellent film. and his track recored is far better than that of the ‘b’ in brangelina.

Gala's Clickable Stars Orlando Bloom, Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

love this page on Gala. celebritites are divided between a and b listers. at the moment orlando is on the a-list. today this picture of orlando bloom has been clicked 162 times. this month, its been clicked 15,848 times. conversely, duelling a-lister george clooney’s photo has only been clicked a mere 55 times today and only 3,957 times this month. johnny depp’s photo has been clicked a mere 94 times so far today and but 2,243 times this month. c-lister, tom cruise is fairing less well than clooney. today, his image has been clicked a mere 39 times and and merely 1968 times this month. if you look to the right of the tom cruise photo, you have the opportunity to chose whether tom should be considered an a-lister, b-lister, c-lister or d-lister. at the moment 46% of voters feel he should be d-listed. russell crowe, while making a bit of a comeback with the new ridley scott directed, American Gangster, is decisively wavering between the b and the c-list. the new film has upped his ante to a b-. at the moment, the round new zealander’s photo has been clicked merely 10 times today and only 717 times this month.

yet another example of why americans will never understand football

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

breitbart writes that david beckham–i mean,brand beckham, scored a goal during the l.a. galaxy’s last game. but the article fails to mention that beckham failed to help the england team make it into the european championships.

south african crime and security concerns world cup 2010

Monday, November 26th, 2007

franz beckenbauer’s austrian friend was shot dead on a golf course in s. africa. oliver bierhoff’s breifcase was stolen from his hotel.

franz beckenbauer says klinnsman could wake england from coma

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

franz beckenbauer, aka, the kaiser thinks jürgen klinsmann, who guided what was once a mediocre german national team into the semi-finals of the world cup, could help put england back on track for the world cup in 2010.

england fails to qualify for euro 2008

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

how humiliating is that? not only did england lose to croatia –who aren’t even part of the european union (yet!), apparently, the news only gets worse. england merch will get hit as well. so much for brand beckham. england squeaked into the quarter finals of last year’s world cup by kicking, pulling hair, and cheating. now it’s all caught up with them. seems a bit like payback for the trampling michael ballack has been getting from the uk media for being a bit lazy on the field. but germany qualified weeks ago at the top of its group.

william reveals his bald spot

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

and here it is again in full glory. at 25, prince william is losing the battle with his hair. a battle his father, prince charles, didn’t have to face until he was 28 or so.