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senior citizen bryan ferry begs twenty year old to take him back

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

i lost track of bryan ferry years ago. but what is it with men tossing their wives over and abandoning their grown children to replay their swinging bachelor years. doesn’t he know that any twentysomething backing singer would love to hang out with a pensioner with wads of cash and give birth so as to insure that she is taken care of while he is in the afterlife. just ask rupert murdoch.


vogue and anna wintour get it all wrong with lebron james

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

the new issue of vogue features lebron james in a hulking pose next to a fay wray-like waif called gisele bundchen. is it racist? you betcha. was it done intentionally? well aside from wintour’s lone BF who interviews the likes of gwyneth paltrow and has most likely never stepped foot in a black neighborhood, one could conceivably give vogue a pass, like bill clinton might say. but i have chosen not to.

although the real controversey is, why is it that the umlaut in bundchen’s name is yanked out in american publications, i would suggest annie lebovitz and anna wintour pick up a copy of any random book on semiotics especially the ones written by umberto eco.

spies in the pews as trinity united church of christ is hounded

Friday, March 28th, 2008

this should bother us all. now journalists religiously (so-to-speak) descend upon obama’s church, trinity united church of christ on the south side of chicago to take notes and to you know act like joe mccarthy did during the ‘red scare’ in the u.s. when he was trying to root out communism. you know, that evil -ism which allowed millions of people to not be homeless and have free health insurance. the denomination, which is primarily made of of white churches, is slowly coming to its rescue. it is ludicrous that reverend wright is being called a racist based on a series of 30 second snippets from a 2 hour sermon.

emo in mexico

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

i’ve always detested this term ’emo’ when it started being used in the 90s to describe the sound coming from these chicago and dc indie record labels. emotional teen angst it was. although a lot of 20 somethings embraced it as well. at the moment, i can’t for the life of me recall one viable band from this era. but the look of the so-calle movement is so 1980s. the sound is grounded in the 80s as well. think morrissey and the smiths. whiney wrenching music with a touch of the euro-trash look. apparently emo has made it to mexico. and this is not sitting so well with traditional macho-latin culture.

adobe offers free web based version of photoshop

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

adobe, which sets the international standard for design software, has announced that it is making a special web-based version of photoshop available for freaks and geeks like you and me for free.

chelsea versus monica lewinsky

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

of course this video is still making the rounds. ‘that’s none of your business!’ she screeched at a poor unassuming young man. this being indiana, where even the locals are proud to be called hoosiers and even the democrats are right wing republicans, chelsea was most likely questioned about the monica lewinsky scandal by a member of you know, young americans for freedom. but the real question is, what will be the long-term fall-out for chelsea clinton who is almost 30 and makes around 300K per year from a hedge fund, bitching out a poor indiana college student? will the college co-eds at butler boycott hillary clinton during the indiana primaries? you know, the primary hillary clinton forgot to register for because she just knew she’d have the nomination wrapped up after super tuesday.

wall street journal still thinks u.s. is superpower

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

the wall street journal still mistakenly believes that the u.s. is the sole superpower in the world. perhaps rupert murdoch didn’t get the memo. 1.) the u.s. is broke 2.) the blunder that is the iraq war 3.) see china.

chelsea clinton barbara streisand separated at birth

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

chelsea clinton, the kid who makes 200K plus slugging away at a hedge fund –which apparently has no qualms with giving her extended time off hopefully with pay, was in bloomington indiana today whooping it up with a bunch of people. indiana is the only place in the world where people are proud to be called hoosiers. during her speech, chelsea was asked about her mother’s bosnia-pinocchio moment. to which she basically replied, ‘i support my mom.’ maybe she meant as in old age. hillary claims she was sleep-deprived and misspoke. could it be possible that she was having a post-menopausal-senior moment? sinbad, where are you when we need you?

la opinion weighs in on obama unity speech

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

california based la opinion endorsed barack obama last january heading into super tuesday. while the spanish language newspaper didn’t put obama over the top, it most definitely helped him halve the 20 point lead hillary clinton had in january.

dave chappelle plays george w. bush as hip hop warrior

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

too funny.