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more images god of carnage actress

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

someone requested more snapshots of tasmin greig. i prefer the ones already posted, but here are a couple of more of her taken after a ‘god of carnage’ performance in london. the english language debut recently opened in the city and stars greig, janet mcteer and ralph fiennes along with that guy from ‘fever pitch.’ no not the jimmy fallon version. but the colin firth version. christopher hampton (dangerous liaisons) translated the play into english from the original french.

Tasmin Greig hanging with her audience


a zine symposium in east london

Monday, April 28th, 2008

here are some additional images from the london zine symposium i attended 27 april. i will always have a soft spot in my heart for zines as this is how i cut my teeth writing back in the day. my ex-san francisco roomie used to play risk every week with the maximumrocknroll staff in the 90s. but that may have ended after the owner died. i can’t remember. the 90s. now we’re in the naughties.

London Zine Symposium donation table

Some London Zine Symposium attendees

god of carnage photos tamsin greig and janet mcteer

Monday, April 28th, 2008

here are some photos of the actresses tamsin greig and janet mcteer signing autographs by the stage door saturday, following the 26 april performance of yasmina reza’s ‘god of carnage,’ which opened last month in london. as previously mentioned, neither ken stott nor ralph fiennes bothered to come out. but perhaps it had something to do with the theatre being in the middle of boyz town.

Janet McTeer Signs a Few

Tamsin Greig following matinee performance

newsweek and the first family

Monday, April 28th, 2008

i’ve been trying to watch these videos on newsweek about the first family. everytime i get to the bit about teaching and jenna bush speaking it breaks off and loads the reverend wright video. hopefully they’ll fix that shortly. i like the clip on children’s books.

i seem to recall having seen far more stories about the first family while bill clinton was president. what was up with that. to tell you the truth, laura bush and the bush twins are well liked. and people even like dubya as a person if they don’t actually agree with him with the disaster that is iraq.

jenna bush has got girl power

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

we like jenna bush for being her own person. she bucked the bush system by attending the university of texas at austin, has done time doing international charitable work, teaches at a public school and has written a book. now she’s proved that she’s got her own mind when it comes to picking candidates. couldn’t you just imagine her saying ‘john mccain? uweee, he’s old!’

london zine symposium

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

devoted to the DIY (do it yourself) spirit, the london zine symposium pulled in a nice little crowd. during the event you could pick up some cool zines and back issues of classic titles from publications like the baffler and maximumrocknroll. zine and comic makers gathered to share their publications and know how. workshops include information on screenprinting. and a variety of films were screened as well. this all took place in east london off brick lane which is sort of like the silverlake of los angeles or the kreuzberg district of berlin.

london zine symposium 2008

screen printing workshop

yasmina reza continues her courtship with london audiences

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

‘god of carnage’ opened in london last month. the play, written by yasmina reza, who wrote the oft performed ‘art,’ was translated by christopher (dangerous liasons) hampton. it’s directed by matthew warchus whose ‘lord of the rings’ debacle is set to close shortly. i’m sure it wasn’t his fault. frodo as theatre. hmmm.

ralph fiennes, janet mcteer, tamsin greig and ken stott all put in great turns. overall the oddly funny play, which manages to simultaenously be politically correct yet incorrect, is just short of fabulous. it was like watching that french film about the strange life of the bourgeoise that everyone who has ever taken an introductory film course has been forced to watch.

the play, which takes place at the gielgud theatre in london, features 2 sets of parents who get together to discuss a fight between their children. the one act play which goes on for about 2 hours (more or less) fell short on one or two occassions. the bits about saving dafur and how 8 year old sudanese children with guns makes one realize that one kid hitting another with a stick is trivial stuff… well, it is a spiessig concern. and between george clooney and angelina jolie and now yasmina reza and christopher hampton hitting us over the head again and again with dafur and all the horrible things happening in africa (which btw, is actually making a great leap forward with the help of the chinese government). well, it makes me want to puke just as tasmin greig did on stage.

janet mcteer, who won a golden globe for something or another, and tasmin greig were sports enough to grace the audience with their presence afterwards to sign a few autographs and pose for a few photos. pictures of both are forthcoming. the women were able to quickly change and come out and greet a few people. yet the men weren’t. funny that.

editor in chief telegraph media group talks digital future

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

will lewis, editor-in-chief of the london based telegraph media group has a global perspective. according to lewis, the media organization boasts 17 million unique users of those users only 6 million are based in the uk. the question is are these daily users, or monthly users? this wasn’t actually specified. the lecture was held at the london based city university, where lewis attended journalism school. although the event was announced in time out london, the majority of questions accepted were from students. i and others attempted to approach lewis during the recption after the event, but his handler kept steering him clear of non-students. i soon regretted having not simply worn a name tagewith merely my name and not my affiliation.

hillary hopes to become the energizer bunny

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

hillary clinton eeked out a 9 point win over barack obama in pennsylvania. 54% to 46%. but ultimately, she merely gained 13 more delegates. while daily she loses more superdelegates.

hillary clinton barrels on

st. george's day

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

i’m in london at the moment. i arrived on st. george’s day. whomever he is, these days he is more known for the red cross (the cross of st. george) on a white background, which is the flag of england and the emblem for the english football team. and today you could walk through trafalgar square experience the celebration. i took a few photos.

trafalgar square london