obama, mccain and clinton speak at newspaper association of america convention

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

the captial conference kicked off today, bringing together the newspaper association of america, nexpo, and asne under the same tent in washington dc. topics on the agenda for the week include content management, goin green, building an audience in a fragmented world and evolving digital media. within the conference is the associated press’ annual meeting. the organization will host a luncheon on monday at which barack obama will speak. john mccain turns up earlier the same day for the ap meeting. while hillary clinton will speak at a nexpo event the following day.

perhaps during the event, barack obama will clarify what he meant by bitter people. i don’t think this is an elitist statement. and most poor people, if they are honest with themselves as impoverished university students do from time-to-time, the majority would confess to being bitter about their prospects in society.

i had hoped to attend at least a couple of function opening day, but due to the lateness of british airways, this just was not possible. the airline recently opened a new terminal. the infamous terminal 5, where naomi campbell had an air rage incident last week. as i snaked through the security cue in london, i noticed a sign which essentially said, ‘don’t assualt our employees, they’re people too.’ or something to that effect. i could only think that perhaps the sign is a thinly veiled reference to naomi.


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