berlin fashion week continues upward trajectory

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

now in it’s third season, berlin fashion week continues to steadily grow. although it’s not quite paris or new york, it has a vibe that’s all it’s own.

Lac et Mel at Berlin Fashion Week

Lac et Mel at Berlin Fashion Week

the event kicked off this morning with hugo boss. followed by the coco chanel inspired designs of gregor clemens for lac et mel, a leipzig based fashion label. later in the afternoon designer suzana peric, who has a penchant for tie dyed and bohemian prints, gave a much stronger show than last january.

suzanne weibe, whose conservative lines fit snuggly with german department stores, was cheered on by a couple of cross-gender fans in the front row. she rounded out her show with a parade of middle-aged female german stars. that was the most daring part of her event. which is not a dig. she probably does quite well with mainstream consumers who might get slightly adventurous every few years.

joop tied up opening day of the event. i emailed the german label a couple of weeks back asking for an invite as you can’t enter a show with merely a press pass, you also need a hard ticket, which you can only get from the label. someone from their p.r. office emailed me a few days ago saying well, basically ‘no.’ so the press office says, ask the designer. and the designer replies, basically we can only give you a ticket if you were personally invited by us.

earlier in the day i accidentally got a ticket to sissi wasabi, the berlin based label that’s i guess inspired by either japanese culture or merely sushi. when i asked for an invite to their gig, i was basically informed that loads of people had asked for tickets and i just might get on their list. and i thought, what does that mean? who emails someone to tell them, you just might be on our guest list?? with the exception of one or two pieces, the show was rather impressive. lots of detailed stiching with orange and gray leading the charge as their dominate theme.

here’s a short video from day 1.

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