berlin fashion week day 4 part 1

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

the big show for the day is vivienne westwood, the closing catwalk show of berlin fashion week. the second posting will include ms. westwood’s new line. as for this morning….

the berlin based designer with an irish given name, kilian kerner, launched his show with a band called spinter x. an anorexic man all in white with a white pleated shirt and white droopy trousers tied together with a wide white belt, sauntered across the stage clutching a microphone bellowing yaz-like 80s music complete with synth. oh yeah, and of course he was blond and well, white.

hunger men

hunger men

the show was an endless parade of 80s retro all in grey, black, beige, and well, white. one hesitates to attach the word chic onto retro in this instance as that just might validate the whole show. and who would want to do that. the designer might want to have a sit down with a p.r. person. he or she would probably tell mr. kerner that well, white, light greys, and beige don’t photograph well. after the show, i could see photographers from major news agencies having a helluvatime shifting through the photographs trying to find ones that weren’t completely over-exposed.

this berlin trend of anorexic clothing for men with cigarette-sized legs and pre-pubscent bodies, typified by mr. kerner’s line, is nothing less than scandalous. let’s hope this trend does not catch on. while arnold schwarzenegger type muscles shirts are so out, the polar opposite is even worse. in germany, such anorexic guys are called ‘hunger men.’

One comment on “berlin fashion week day 4 part 1

  1. I think it’s interesting! and I would like to see more of the pictures. Can you post it here? Thanks! Thanks!

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