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sarah heath palin promises no more pants suits

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

if sarah palin, current governor of alaska, does manage to become the first female vice president of the united states, rest assured, the u.s. will have a woman who is unafraid to wear a skirt.


fox mulder checks in for sex addiction

Friday, August 29th, 2008

we mean david duchovny, who will forever be remembered as fox mulder, for his brilliant turn in the x-files series. according to the ever so reliable fox news, david duchovny has admitted he has a sex addiction and is taking steps to fix the problem.

don’t you wonder what the problem really is. does he spend endless hours sitting in the toliet flipping to porn? does he spend his days and night on or is the addiciton of hugh grant proportions and related to prostitutes. don’t you wish the mainstream media would provide some or any of the details? or is this a publicity stunt for californication’s second season?

with mccain pick, change comes from center-right

Friday, August 29th, 2008

would colin powell or condi rice had made it to the office of secretary of state under a democratic administration? in the clinton white house, the only off-white person in the house was his personal secretary, who still doesn’t give interviews. yeah, bill clinton brought in a female secretary of state –during the only 8 consecutive years of peace the world had seen in about 100 years. and madeline albright, having been born in the czech republic, wasn’t even in line for the presidency.

with mccain’s soon-to-be-announced pick of sarah palin, governor of alaska, we could have our first potential female president if the 72 year old mccain makes it in and keels over. now the real question is. is ms. palin related to michael palin?

dnc convention and cindy mccain's sister feels like non-entity

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

from the opening speech made by michelle obama to the yawnable speechmaking of the washed up clintons, the dnc convention has been well, uneventful. tonight obama addresses the crowd. sure you’ll be able to find it on youtube immediately after it’s over. one day, youtube will be up for live streaming. am i the only one who noticed that throughout the primary season, barack obama’s youtube page was the only one with a ‘donation’ button?

looks like cindy mccain made a mistake years ago (or maybe even recently) by declaring herself an only child. wonder if her half sister also sits on her board-of-directors.

music industry still arresting music fans

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

so a twenty-something male resident of culver city, california, who streamed (not even offered downloadable tunes) the unreleased (and so not highly anticipated) guns n’ roses album has been picked up by the f.b.i.. can’t you just hear those music industry schmoos (of which you just might be one) saying, he deserved it! that’s illegal!

the music industry has a major public relations problem. and it just gets worse. an acquaintance of mine was recently contacted by GEMA, which is basically the german version of ASCAP or BMI. they were inquiring about songs played by a DJ at his wedding which took place 5 years ago. how crazy is that? or rather, how desperate is that? kids used to grow up wanting to play music, be a producer, or work in the music industry. those dreams died many moons ago.

fashion faux pas of hillary clinton

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

as collected by the l.a. times, you can view the fashion retrospective of hillary rodham clinton, which ranges from head bands to tiger prints (yes, tiger prints) to pants suits. here’s a photo of her and family in 2003 with a fat chelsea and the aforementioned tiger print.

marc penn writes b.s. for politico

Monday, August 25th, 2008

when i read the first paragraph of this article, i thought politico had lost it. but then i looked at the byline and saw that marc penn, hillary clinton’s ex-chief strategiest had um, penned the article. because bill clinton’s slashing of the u.s. welfare system (you know, the system that only let’s you collect social welfare for a lifetime max of 5 years. that’s lifetime) is the reason why poverty jumped dramatically about 5 years after he left office.

andrew ridgeley is not gay

Monday, August 25th, 2008

it’s the question some of us have been wondering since he was caught bouncing around in the wake me up before you go-go video. in learning that george michael is (finally) headed into retirement, we paused long enough to look up his wham! cohort on wikipedia. mr. ridgeley is alive and well and married to keren woodward from 80s pop girl band bananarama.

who needs actors when we have technology

Monday, August 25th, 2008

a new system called the aguru dome can help film producers finally achieve their dream of making films without having to deal with egos of towering proportions.

the gap looks for the allusive comeback

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

wil the gap ever make a comeback? h&m, zara, and mango have been fully embraced by the fashion forward as well as the monetarily challenged. and according to the new york times, last week, the company handily dismissed its european design staff. which is all but laughable, considering the gap sold its germany stores to h&m in 2003.