copenhagen fashion week day 3 and marc o' polo

Friday, August 8th, 2008

this post starts with a view of copenhagen.

Copenhagen City View

Copenhagen City View

the third day of copenhagen fashion week is crowded with parties. this evening helena christensen hosts a premiere party for the stockholm based fashion label, odd molly. IAM co-hosts a party with MTV and elite models and marc o’ polo in collaboration with dansk magazine, hosts a party at statens museum for kunst.

this afternoon, femme homme unveiled their expertly tailored line at city hall. you can view the collection here. and watch a rerun of the show

in an interview earlier today, andreas baumgaertner, coo of marc o’ polo discussed the direction of the label and its brand identity. bits of this interview will be posted over the next couple of days.

baumgaerten came to marc o’ polo in 2001 after having worked with design powerhouse hugo boss. “for 11 years, i was working for hugo boss. i always had contact with marc o’ polo because first, my generation grew up with marc o’ polo.” reminiscing he says, “when i was 16 or 17, the brand was becoming big. marc o’ polo was the most expensive one, and it was the one everybody wanted to have.” he notes that unlike other fashion labels at that time, the company was basically the only one using natural, unprocessed fibers.

baumgaertner’s introduction to the corporate side of the company happened in the 90s. “a friend of mine started to work as managing director in stockholm. at the end of 2001, they asked me if i’m interested in starting as creative director for marc o’ polo.” he then made the leap from hugo boss.


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