u.s. weekly palin cover costs magazine subscriber

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

u.s. weekly is known for it’s mean spirited stories. the endless articles on everyone from brangelina to bennifer are infamous. but apparently, it’s only okay for them to skewer celebrities. according to the new york post, their sarah palin cover story with her holding her special needs child alongside a headline that would make pro-family value types cringe, has cost editor-in-chief, janice min, and publisher, jann wenner (aka, obama supporter), anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 subscribers. is this miscalculation at it’s finest?

fox news’s megyn kelly weighed in on the cover last week:


2 comments on “u.s. weekly palin cover costs magazine subscriber

  1. chuck says:

    If Jann Wenner cares about his reader and subscriber base he should revamp the dieing US magazine for the unethical low bow tactic attack it did on Sarah Palin. Becouse the backlash isn’t address to US magazine but now Opray Winfrey. Oh Annette Benning has a movie come out this weekend and her comments could put create issues at the box office. But the news about US mag losing subscibers is all over the web.

  2. thekrays says:

    one would think sarah palin would appeal to oprah’s natural demographic. but i guess she cares more about politics than ratings. she’s got her billions, right?

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