accelerated media

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

been working out this concept–this theme, called accelerated media. it used to be, at least in the case of politics, when one trailblazer went down, those standing in the rafters had about 2 – 4 years to take the experiences of the pioneer (both bad and good) and turn it to their own advantage.

now that sarah palin has been picked by john mccain to be the first female on a republican ticket, and quite possibly the first woman vice president of the united states, we see that the republican ticket and palin herself have the luxury of rolling through an endless sea of information on how a woman can or cannot win a national campaign because hillary has already conducted their market research. now they know, frumpy and scary does not work. but kazuo kawasaki designer glasses do. although frumpy does seem to work for angela merkel in germany. but what does this tell us about deutschland?

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