financial times gets it right about middle america

Monday, September 8th, 2008

that is, after getting it wrong about john mccain’s acceptance speech. but at least clive crook acknowledges that the knee jerk reaction of the overwhelming liberal u.s. media was off the mark last week regarding john mccain’s vice presidential pick. unlike in the uk, where the appeal of a publication like the independent or the guardian, is that they are firmly on the left or the left of center. while a publication like the daily telegraph makes no bones about the fact that the majority of its readers are conservative types.

collectively it seems the majority of companies that run newspapers and tv news progarms somehow feels that it’s more in their interest to feign neutrality. but that didn’t work so well over the last couple of weeks for msnbc with chris matthews or keith olbermann.

that doesn’t mean that mccain made the right choice. that remains to be seen. it’s too early to tell. but the numbers are good. mccain got a 15 point bounce from the convention and now leads barack obama by 10 points according to

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