hillary clinton, failed DC bar, wants supreme court appointment

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

is this even possible? according to the ever reliable new york post, billary clinton are doing the bare minimum to get obama in the white house because mr. obama won’t guarantee that he’ll nominate hill to the supreme court. given that she has never served as a judge and failed the dc bar. what are the clintons thinking?


2 comments on “hillary clinton, failed DC bar, wants supreme court appointment

  1. Beverly Johnson says:

    Count me as a Dem who will vote Republican and not even hold my nose while I’m doing it. MY party’s candidate is a joke (despite the fact that the media has been shoving him down people’s throats for 18 months). The OTHER party’s candidate is a true hero and I’m not talking about his military service and his former POW status. There is no doubt McCain can reach across the aisle to my party–he has done it his entire political career. NOBAMA!

  2. jon says:

    both sides are corrupt but jon gun grabber,keating 5,sub par naval officer son of an admiral who was the son of an admiral is 4 more years of traitor bush.so you vote for playboy(navy call sign)and watch what a war with iran will do to us.i am a proud gulf war navy vet and have voted republican my whole life.say no to bush mccarthyism,i mean terrorism and support the constitution not corrupt multi multi millionaires

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