mccain's new ad with obama and bill ayers

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

the new york times recently ran an article connecting barack obama with bill ayers, a 1960s left-wing radical. ayers and his wife were part of the weather underground, a group that terrorized the u.s. in the 60s. it’s almost a parallel tale to how the baader-meinhof group terrorized germany during the same period.

the weather underground may sound like a industrial band or a sister group to the weather girls. but it defintely wasn’t. bill ayers and his wife went on the run for 20 years while they were on the FBI’s most wanted list. apparently the ayers family is part of the chicago neighborhood barack and michelle obama live in and they have moved in some similar circles. which could be analogous to holding john mccain responsible for the actions of any number of people. or who knows.

how much of an influence will this have on voters? the real question is, why was this glossed over by the media during the primaries when the clintons brought it up? and since it didn’t gain any traction then, will it gain any traction now? the video has been up on youtube for about 2 or 3 days and already has over 500K views.

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