california proposition 8, gavin newsom, and a bunch of first graders

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

gavin newsom, mayor of san francisco, and arguably the man who handed george w. bush his second term in office during the culture wars of 2004, is in hot water again for officiating at a wedding. first graders skipped class to see their teacher get married to her long-time girlfriend as an apparenta civic lesson. needless to say the focus on the family types are a bit bent out of shape for all sorts of reasons. so the question one forum poster on asks if if the school would’ve let the kids off to visit a church to witness an exercise in religious freedom. will this coupled with newsom having become the posterboy for propostion 8 prohibit him from running for the office of governor and open a clear pathwa for meg whitman, the former CEO of e-bay?

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