the world series rolls over for obama

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

game 6 of the world series will be delayed by fox, the rupert murdoch owned station, so barack obama can have his 30 minutes before the u.s. audience. that is, if there’s a game 6. his ad buys on fox, cbs, and nbc amount to about 3 million dollars.

will this bolster barack obama? or is it analogous to hillary clinton’s one hour TV buy one night prior to Super Tuesday? which was staged managed within an inch of its life. will people love him more the more they see of him? or will this backfire on him in the way that his excellent adventure to europe did?


One comment on “the world series rolls over for obama

  1. Mick says:

    I personally think we’ve had enough Obama.

    He’s got $$$$$$$ coming out his you know what doesn’t he?

    Does he have to interrupt our American Pass TIME?

    I keep finding out lie after lie about this man, just now about his lie about his drug use in 1999…and being a homosexual…

    I’m sick and tired of the things I keep hearing about this man.

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