whatever happened to barry soetoro

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

while barack obama attended school in indonesia, he went by the name barry soetoro. here’s a new video on youtube called ‘october surprise’ by illuminati pictures which asks questions about barack obama’s citizenship. questions such as, was he adopted by his step father? did that make him a citizen of indonesia? and addresses the philip j. berg vs. obama lawsuit which is asking barack obama to present his birth certificate and proof of citizenship. apparently the DNC and howard dean are fighting this.

so the question is, why is the democratic national committee fighting this? case documents can be found here if this is only a frivilous lawsuit.

but why isn’t the mainstream political media talking about the fact that barack obama is in the middle of a lawsuit?

there are also questions about whether or not john mccain is a natural born citizen considering he was born in the panamal canal. during the time of his birth, this area was u.s. territory. but it raises the question of what did the fathers of the american constitution mean when they wrote ‘natural born citizen?’

edit: thanks to the poster who pointed this out. friday, a lawsuit was filed in hawaii demanding that barack obama present his birth certificate.


One comment on “whatever happened to barry soetoro

  1. willnevergiveup says:

    There is more than just the one lawsuit.

    Late last week another suit popped up in Hawaii. A press release today indicated Obama will be traveling back to Hawaii to be by his grandmothers bedside in a couple days because she is “gravely ill.” He can probably address the Hawaii lawsuit while he’s there as luck would have it.

    A lawsuit appeared in Washington shortly before that. I’ve heard there is also a Utah lawsuit as well.


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