campaign expenditure breakdown mccain and obama

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

apparently the barack obama campaign spent 430K on food (which presumably includes michelle obama’s $500 snack at the waldorf astoria last week) $44m on salaries and benefits, 160m on broadcast media and $10m on internet media. there is an area called unknown which sucked up $550K. what unknown element consumes half a million dollars?

the mccain campaign spent $6m on broadcast media and $3m on internet media. miscellaneous expenses with insufficent info sucked up about $160K –about $400K less than the obama campaign.

from the 2004 presidential campaign, john kerry, a staunch barack obama supporter, still has incomplete finance reports. there is no disclosure for $26m of funds and incomplete information on $4m funds. that’s about 19% and $30m that is unaccounted for.


2 comments on “campaign expenditure breakdown mccain and obama

  1. Truth says:

    Academic proof of media bias

  2. Gib says:

    I’m not sure what the finer points of the laws, but what I read recently about the law is that candidates can’t spend campaign donations on things they would normally purchase in the daily activities of living.

    So, no clothing purchases, no food, no rent, no mortgages, etc.

    The Obama’s make enough money (as do the Palins and the McCains) to afford a little lobster and champagne to celebrate whatever good stuff comes their way during a 2 year campaign that’s finally winding down.

    So I hope they’re all buying their own meals and scarves and dresses and suits and not using donations for any of that.

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