media asked to pay for access by obama campaign on election day

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

according to fox news media organizations are being asked to pay upwards of $1,870 if they want a prime spot to cover barack obama’s election night party.

on paper, it seems reasonable. given that they are asking news organizations to cover their costs. but according to the report there’s some nonsense about paying to be in areas with heat and areas that don’t have an obstructed view. has the political news media created an icon of such proportion that even prior to gaining election, he’s suddenly become as inaccessible as bush ever was.

it is quite likely that whomever put this out to the press did not think the whole thing through. in that now obama is being thought of as say more like his pays george clooney or equated with the likes of angelina jolie. such people whom the media generally must negotiate endlessly with p.r. people in order to obtain access. arnold schwarzenegger made a similar screw up when he initially ran for governor. as an actor, all of his questions were pre-screened and when prior to holding his first press conference, as a gubernatorial candidate, his handlers requested that journalists hand their questions in in advance.

one would think that barack obama might actually rethink having his election night party in chicago and move it to springfield, the capitol of illinois.


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