joerg haider out of the closet beyond the grave

Friday, October 24th, 2008

joerg haider, the controversial austrian politician, credited with reviving xenophobia and pulling austria towards the far right, was pushed out of the closet this week by his spokesman, stefan petzner. according to the guardian newspaper, petzner admitted that he and haider had been lovers for years. is it any wonder that his wife looked like his mom. german newspaper, bild zeitung reported last weekend that haider had spent his last hours wooping it up in a gay bar. apparently petzner has been in shock since haider’s death and has taken to crying on national t.v. and discussing the love of his life on austrian radio.

some of the above links are in german. but some are also in english. you can google babelfish if you want to try to translate the text. the the bild article subheadline quotes the 27 year old petzner as saying: ‘i only had him and now i am alone. he often sad to me, ‘you are the love of my life.’ he and i know what he meant by that and that should stay between us.’

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