why can't matt damon support charities to end poverty in the u.s.

Friday, October 24th, 2008

why is it that celebs like matt damon and angelina jolie don’t adopt american children (in the case of jolie) or invest their time and money in helping low income and impoverished african-american families in their own country as opposed to well africa or even in addition to africa or south east asia, etc. and that inlcudes celebs like musician wyclef too.

or maybe they do and it doesn’t bring good press. or maybe their problem is, their idea of building low income housing is eco-friendly houses complete with solar panels with starting costs at 100K. solar panels are great, if you can afford them.

but why is it that it is easier to get a star to donate millions to someone who lives outside of their own countries, who is an abstraction, yet they would be hard pressed to press a few hands at a food bank in a crime-ridden area of their so-called, first-world country. not all americans or europeans are rich. although some countries, like denmark have a fairly generous safety net.


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