europeans want obama just not in their country

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

if you’ve been to europe any time since the democratic primary wound up last june, you would’ve been bombarded with europeans from the uk to germany begging you to vote for barack obama. we call this obama delusional syndrome.

had you paused long enough to ask ‘why should i vote for obama?’ you would’ve discovered, that like the u.s. media, the people had no idea what barack obama stood for or what his platform looked like, or had a clue about his life beyond what was clearly filtered and edited in his book. invariable one might say ‘he will end the iraq war.’ to which you could’ve replied, ‘and when the u.s. pulls it’s trooops out and declares victory as nixon did during the vietnam war, then what do you think will happen?’ and perhaps the response would’ve been, ‘i don’t know, but i’m tired of watching bad t.v.’

had you paused long enough to ask any random european the following question, ‘could barack obama get elected in your country?’ the answer would’ve been a resounding no.

here are some images on the wall street journal website of people all over the world celebrating barack obama’s win. as obama once said, his story wouldn’t even be possible in any other country. and although we had to listen to this line for about one and a half years, unfortunately, it’s true.


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