obama not attending g-20 economic summit

Friday, November 7th, 2008

according to the bbc, barack obama will not be attending the group of 20 economic summit next weekend. is this by choice? the spanish prime minister will be incognito as well. according to an article in last weekend’s edition of the financial times, jose luis rodriguez zapatero, who the spanish fondly refer to as ‘little feet,’ wasn’t invited by the bush administration. and since then, he has been lobbying anyone who will listen to try to get them to get bush to send him an invitation.


One comment on “obama not attending g-20 economic summit

  1. Crowie says:

    Quite a funny personality this Zapatero, with the lowest charismatic rating and respect in his own country as well as with regard to the “rest” (not sure if Spain can be world counted as part of this group anymore) of the world’s leaders, he still managed somehow to be part of the last G-20.

    Regardless, the spanish don’t refer to zapatero as “little feet”, actually, I, as a spanish, have never heard this expression before in our language. “Zapatero” literary means shue maker, cobbler (as can be found in the “Babylon Spanish English dictionary” or anywhere else. Spanish call him “ZP”, as Zapatero Presidente, which was the name he used when he was running for president… There are also other derivates which have surfaced from this catchword, as can be appreciated in the following web page: http://www.superzp.com/

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