the g20 summit without obama and with gordon brown in lead role

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

a financial pow-wow is happening this weekend in washington dc. last week ‘a blog about whatever’ pointed out that barack obama will not be attending. today, the international herald tribune basically supports his idea to duck the meeting.

it is conceivable that george w. bush picked this moment partially for political reasons. had john mccain won the election, it would’ve shorn up the markets’ trust in him. and with a barack obama win, it could show him up as the financial and political neophyte that many suspect that he is.

with the absence of obama at the g-20 summit and george w. bush being basically the lame duck president that he is, gordon brown is asserting himself on the world stage according to the international herald tribune. brown was recently quoted as saying that he was prepared to take obama under his wing and teach him about the financial markets. that may sound condescending. and well, quite frankly it is. but brown was chancellor of the exchequer of the uk for 10 years.


3 comments on “the g20 summit without obama and with gordon brown in lead role

  1. UK Voter says:

    Brown may well have 10 years experience, but in all honesty, if I were Obama, I would be far, far happier taking my chances. Gordon Brown’s record is nothing to be proud of and I am convinced that history will prove me right as experts pore over the detail of how we came to be the country that will be hit the hardest, as a consequence of this recession.

  2. obama understands that there can be only one President at a time…he’s letting the twilight of the Bush administration to fade by itself…

  3. thekrays says:

    are you yet another obamabot? this is bretton woods II the most important international meeting that has taken place since, well the original bretton woods.

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