mccarthyism and proposition 8?

Friday, November 14th, 2008

the no on proposition 8 californians seems to have taken a page out of the mccarthy book of intimidation. clickhere for the details.

californians voted by 6 percentage points to amend the california constitution. this occured via a democratic process. californians have voted twice on the issue within the past 10 years. it is now up to the courts to interpret what all of this means.

demonstrations have a place in every society. it is a form of free speech. and as long as they are peaceful, most people have no problem with them. but to take the whole thing one step further and to spit on a little old lady making a counter demonstration or to bring a woman to tears by smearing her for contributing to the yes on proposition 8 fund, or sending envelopes filled with white powder to the mormon church will make the general population as a whole less sympathetic.

let the courts decide. it could take 10 years for the whole thing to snake through the system. but the u.s. system works. and it has served the united states well for over 230 years. unfortunately newsom, the mayor of san francisco forgot this in 2004 when he took it upon himself to re-interpret california law.


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