sarah palin goes to georgia to rally the rnc base

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

sarah palin, the defacto head of the republican party, will spend some time in georgia alongside saxby chambliss who is campaigning against democrat jim martin in a run-off election in less than 2 weeks. who names their child saxby?

this race is important because with republican stevenson down, the democratic party is inching toward the filerbuster proof number 60 in the senate wing of congress. if chambliss loses his senate seat or if coleman goes down in minnesota, then nancy pelosi and crew will have their 60 seats.

does this matter? well, the u.s. constitution is all about checks and balances and the will of the people. one could argue that if the will of the people is that the democrats control everything, then so be it. the other side of such an argument is that perhaps, based on what happened with bill clinton during the first couple of years of his administration and the fiscal irresponsibility that was george w. bush for 6 years, both of whom led during those periods while their respective parties were in charge.


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