henry m. source for memento

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

if you remember “memento,’ the excellent film by christopher nolan, you might recall that the lead character has no short-term memory. the plot, which unfolds backwards put nolan, who co-wrote and directed both ‘batman begins’ and ‘the dark knight,’ on the map. could his tale have been inspired by the story of henry m.. a patient whose brain surgery went wrong, leaving him with perm. amnesia. not quite the same thing but who knows.

ulrike meinhof, portrayed by martina gedeick in the very well done film ‘the baader meinhof komplex’ had her brain removed by the german authorities following her suicide in the 1970s. as they wanted to see if the brain tumor she had removed in the 60s may have contributed to what they felt was an out-of-character deliquency. according to the bbc, as of the early naughties, the government still had her brain in a jar.


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