greece riots go beyond student's death

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

we are now in day 6 of rioting in greece. the catalyst of which was the death of a teenager shot by a police officer. now that the kid has been laid to rest, the veil is quickly being pulled off this sweet holiday country made famous by of course greek mythology, the olympics as well as more recently maria callas, jackie-o and otto rehagle and greece’s surprising win of the european championships some years ago.

so how is the press covering this story. well, it seems the u.s. media is still very much focused on the imagery of students running around athens and such in black hoodies throwing stones and whatever else they can get their hands on. now that unions have begun to strike, the british newspapers as well as television stations such as the bbc and sky, have started digging for the underlying causes. in this bbc article the headline reads ‘greek economy woes fuel backlash’ and highlights the rising costs and inflations since greece joined the euro under what the daily telegraph calls, dubious circumstances, in 2001, in an article entitled ‘greek fighting: the eurozone’s weakest link starts to crack.’


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