u.s. to end in 2010 according to russian prof and ex-kgb agent

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

as reported in the wall street journal. this professor believes that there will be a civil war in the u.s. in fall 2009. the country will then break up in 2010 along ethnic lines with alaska returning to russia and california having a special relationship with china.


7 comments on “u.s. to end in 2010 according to russian prof and ex-kgb agent

  1. I’ve read and posted that article when it first came around … it can’t be taken seriously … it’s nothing but a wish list of a dystopic stalinist …


    • thekrays says:

      who knows. perhaps he is a crackpot. but the u.s. does sure have loads of problems at the moment. financial crisis. 2 wars. and all that debt china is holding.

  2. Yeah … but Civil War is surely a crackpot shot …

    • thekrays says:

      it is clear that north and south dakota as well as illinois won’t be coming part of canada anytime soon. but scotland has essentially devolved from the uk. so to say that all 50 stays will forever be all 50 states. well. i mean, 150 years ago or so, california was part of mexico. it is conceivable that certain parts of the u.s. could in fact establish their own governments. it could be a bloodless revolution. like when the berlin wall fell.

  3. Of course not … the only ones that might have asked Santa Claus for such possibilities are amongst the free-militia dope heads, psycho-paranoid survivalists and the Independent Knights Army from Ohio … but heck, these folks don’t count … if I’m not mistaken; based on principles, they don’t vote … besides, you can’t just spark a revolution out of thin air … at the most a revolt or a sucession of revolts, nevertheless just revolts … a revolution needs organizing, it needs popular support and cumplicity … it needs time and lots of political work … it’s not something for amateurs or lunatics like John Connors’ mother … Are you Sarah Connor ?!!!

    • thekrays says:

      i don’t think the soviet union fell in any sort of organized manner. it was an endless series of happenstance with perestroka at the center. …never said the u.s. would go away or that there will be anything remotely resembling what happened in the 1800s. maybe one day mexico and central american will officially annex parts of the u.s. (which were once part of mexico) and that canada could stake claim to washington state, oregon, maine, and perhaps alaska as well.

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