harvard business school: what they teach you in the cauldron of capitalism

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

–bought this book, ‘what they teach you at harvard business school: my two years inside the cauldron of capitalism,’ toward the end of last summer after reading this review in the financial times. as i was just starting business school, i thought it could be a good companion piece. but with all the finance and accounting homework, i had zero time. now after exams, i have a little breather. and i see that the book is totally worth the money. amongst other things, it points out that frat culture that is the american business school cutlure. and it mentions CEOs like skilling (aka, the enron dude) and others who have commited massive corporate failures were harvard MBAs. he also questions the validity that the school is actually international given that the majority of the international students either lived in the u.s. for an extended period of time at some point, or attended undergraduate school in the united states.

i’m midway through the book and can’t wait to get to the end. author philip delves broughton’s book should be required reading for anyone contemplating attending graduate school and dropping more than 100K to do it. i believe the article also points out that the title of the book in the u.s. is slightly different from the european edition. ‘what they teach you in the cauldron of capitalism’ has been conveniently left off. the book is published by penguin in the united kingdom.


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