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michelle obama wears j.crew; j. crew sales tank

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

last month, michelle obama and her two girls trotted out at the presidential innauguration in various wears from j. crew. apparently this, and michelle’s much touted appearance on jay leno last fall where she showed off a different j. crew outfit, haven’t been enough to save the retailer. but the question could be, has it actually in fact, hurt the retailer?

or could it be because the myopic retailer limits itself to the u.s. market. the stores are primarily confined to north america. and unlike l.l. bean, unless you live in japan or canada, it is impossible to order product from the j. crew. who knows.


barack obama versus herbert hoover

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

the gloom and doom obama administration should probably consider no longer using the phrase ‘since the great depression.’ and switch to ‘since 1982.’ it would be a much better way to spin the current financial situation to the media.

but if the obama administration wants to make the comparisons. here we go. during the early 1930s, the hoover administration signed into law the smoot-hawley act, which was essentially a protectionist move to prop up american companies and jobs (a bit like the buy american bits that are in the current stimulus package). tariffs were increased on imports coming into the u.s. the world in turn increased tariffs on american exports. this in turn pushed the u.s. and the rest of the world deeper into a depression.

next the hoover administration raised taxes at the beginning of the depression in the hope of balancing the budget. in barack obama’s faux stat of the union address –the address to both houses of congress, obama laid out his plan to tax individuals who make over 200K and couples who jointly make over 250K. raising the current tax rate to somewhere around 39%. and not allowing the same people to deduct their donations to charity. given that charities are where struggling americans have had to turn to for food, clothing, and additional help, this bit flies in the face of reason.

the primary differenceds (thus far) between the two administrations is that, well, herbert hoover believed in the bootstrap concept and that charities should help bail out americans. that too was a disaster. the stimulus package that barack obama has signed has some good stuff in it. but the bit about giving $10M to one of nancy pelosi’s pet projects to save some obscure mouse that lives along the coast of san francsico should not be in this package.

amanda knox cartwheels and flips in italian police station

Friday, February 27th, 2009

amanda knox is on trial for the murder of british student meredith kercher, along with her boyfriend (at the time of the murders) raffaele sollecito. according to testimony given today, as reported by the bbc, knox and sollecito were told they had been acting inappropriately while they were at the police station for questioning back in 2007. the italian police squad chief recalled that knox had been turning cartwheels and flips while at the station.

charitable donations by rich folks not tax deductable

Friday, February 27th, 2009

in barack obama’s new tax the rich budget, rich folks (which for some inexplicable reason is attached to couples who make over 250K and individuals who make over 200K), will no longer be able to write off their charitable donations. well, we all know that joe biden gave about 1% of his salary to charity in 2007. so this sort of all ads up.

ittierre files for bankruptcy

Friday, February 27th, 2009

on thursday ittierre, an italian manufacuter that works ( or should we say worked) with roberto cavalli and john galliano went into administration

david cameron's son dies

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

david cameron, the head of the conservative party in the united kingdom has lost his disabled son, reports the daily telegraph. his son ivan suffered from cerebal palsy and epilepsy.

are facebook and myspace hazardous to your health?

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

according to biologist, the journal of the institute of biology, social networking is harmful to one’s health and as reported by the bbc, could increase health problems such as cancer, stroke, dementia.

the oscars, ho hum

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

reading nikki finke’s deadline hollywood about how this year’s might be the most boring ever. but in reality, perhaps that was last year’s and the year before that and the year before that.

out of all the films that have been nominated, perhaps one has been seen by more than half a dozen people. should we take our hats off to the academy for nominating obscure films?

the best part about finke’s deadline hollywood column is actually the comments section. the best one so far regarding the oscar’s sorry state is by anonymous: “Hollywood no longer has any actor/actress who qualifies as a star. All the men look like hoboes and the girls look like street walkers.”

although hugh jackman doesn’t remotely resemble a hobo. but brad pitt most certainly does. and angelina jolie as a streetwalker. anyone could imagine that.

fake kate winslet facebook account

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

the thing about facebook, aside from having no via business model and being run by a bunch of kids fresh out of undergrad, there is nothing stopping anyone from setting up a page and assuming the identity of basically anyone and destroying his reputation. perhaps this was the original motivation for creating this social networking site. which has happened with the queen of the titantic, kate winslet. but it’s definitely one of the multiple reasons why facebook genuinely sucks ass.

it is amazing how many people willingly upload images of themselves and their family –let alone the family dog and believe that their pages are ‘private.’

this year martina gedeck gets to go to the oscars

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

two years ago martina gedeck was snubbed when ‘das leben den anderen’ (the lives of others) was nominated (and eventually won) an oscar. is it possible that von donnersmarck had the foresight to ditch martina and give the ticket to his wife so as not to have this never ending martial spat? and you know such things generally lead to divorce.

this year, the brilliant film ‘the baader meinhof komplex’ has been nominated for an oscar and martina gedeck, who plays ulrike meinhof in the film, will be in attendance. but now the question is will moritz bleibtreu be there?