media bloggers association helps bloggers over hurdles

Friday, February 20th, 2009

ever wonder why matt drudge primarily only writes headlines and links directly to a news story? it’s probably neither because he’s busy nor lazy. but so he won’t get sued. media bloggers association, which helped wisconsin blog navigate itself out of a sticky oprah winfrey defamation lawsuit, helps bloggers navigate their way through the media biz and sort out legal insurance.

this organization is needed now more than ever as they’ve started offering online courses to help journalists sort out stuff like what the word ‘copyright’ really means. which is information that artist fairly whats-his-name could’ve used when he allegedly took an associated press photo and basically painted over it –i mean, transformed it into that so-callled iconic barack obama image. you know the one where ‘o’ looks pensive and is outlined with multiple colors from the u.s. flag. any way, if fairly had been a blogger and had actually signed up for this media bloggers association courses, he might not be in the hot water he’s in at the moment you know, standing on the precipice of handing over loads of money to the associated press.

due to the assistance of media bloggers association, ‘a blog about whatever’ was able to gain accreditation to the capital conference( NAA/ASNE)’s annual newspaper conference. over the course of a few days, ‘a blog about whatever’ covered the associated press’ annual meeting featuring john mccain as well as their luncheon, which feature barack obama as well as a separate event in which hillary clinton (who was a presidential candidate at that time) spoke.


One comment on “media bloggers association helps bloggers over hurdles

  1. Stinuatte says:

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