michelle obama wears j.crew; j. crew sales tank

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

last month, michelle obama and her two girls trotted out at the presidential innauguration in various wears from j. crew. apparently this, and michelle’s much touted appearance on jay leno last fall where she showed off a different j. crew outfit, haven’t been enough to save the retailer. but the question could be, has it actually in fact, hurt the retailer?

or could it be because the myopic retailer limits itself to the u.s. market. the stores are primarily confined to north america. and unlike l.l. bean, unless you live in japan or canada, it is impossible to order product from the j. crew. who knows.


2 comments on “michelle obama wears j.crew; j. crew sales tank

  1. Dave says:

    There is absolutely no QED between Michelle Obama and any downturn in J. Crew sales – that she has “damaged” them is nonsense. (Whetever you think of her politics).

    • thekrays says:

      you seem angry. could you read the entire post, please. do you think she’s doing wonders for the label for supersized people?

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