is the internet making us stupid

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

is the internet making us stupid? or just poor spellers? have you ever had a conversation with a friend or foe on IM only to toss out a tad of information. and wait for them to cross reference it in google prior to responding? while some of the aforementioned is not actually brought up in this bbc 4 radop podcast, it does seek to answer the question whether the young people have the capacity to actually read a book. even if it’s on the soon to be defunked kindle.

this week’s cover story on the weekly standard poses a similar question about facebook. which is definitely making people stupid.

One comment on “is the internet making us stupid

  1. vicky says:

    Its not the internet. Its the schools promoting speed reading courses,before the kids understand and appreciate what they are reading.Kids love pictures.
    They push kids to grow up too
    fast.Sometimes the key board misprints if you don’t press the keys enough

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