lost in austen mini-series comes to the u.s.

Monday, March 16th, 2009

how to pick up your sorrows during the financial crunch. for girls. they might try watching the mini-series,‘lost in austen’ produced by the bbc which has been available in europe for quite a while, but comes to the u.s. in april. the comedy stars jemima rooper, who plays an avid reader of all that is jane austen, especially ‘pride and prejudice.’ during the course of the film she is transported into the book, switching places with elisabeth bennet. rooper, with her geometric hair cut is somewhat annoying up until she exclaims that she has 25K pounds per year and insists that mr. darcy remove his coat and dive into the lake, rising slowly prior to exiting. the film also stars alex kingston.

anyway. this is for all you mad jane austen fans. we predict that any day now, those austen throwback laura ashley dresses will become all the fad. once again re-echoing the recessionary style of the early 1990s. austen for girls. grunge for boys. a laura ashley watch has been officially declared.

for men (or women) itching for new technology and anxious to upgrade their decaying computer but caught in the financial/credit crunch, considering purchasing the low cost, LG mini-laptop. while some refer to these systems as ‘internet laptops.’ the LG has a wide keyboard, giga and gigabytes of hard drive. and you can stick the finger to microsoft by making use of ‘open office,’ which comes with the system. these systems are great for airport travel. –especially if one has to change plans multiple times or stand in line for hours to get through customs at gatwick or london heathrow.


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