frank rich writes angry obama editorial

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

generally rich’s opinion pieces in the new york times are pro-democrat left-tilting screeds. today he seems a little like an angry democrat given to populism. impressively, he takes a page from this blog and goes out of the way to point out that timothy geithner, while at the fed, was one of 3 people who let lehman brothers fail yet saved bears stern and so on and so forth. that he was president of the new york federal reserve means that geithner deserve a considerable bit of blame.

it’s also great that someone with a major newspaper has finally fingered the clinton administration (bill clinton, larry summers, and robert rubin) as haven been complicit in deregulating the banking industry in the 1990s. but what about all the others who voted for it including joe (i live in delaware where most corporations are incorporated to avoid paying state taxes) biden, and nancy pelosi.


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