meredith kercher tried to phone mother

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

according to a news report on fox news. meredith kercher, the british coed who was murdered almost 2 years ago while studying in italy. may have tried to ring her mothere while she was being attacked. american, amanda knox (aka, foxy knoxy) and her boyfriend italian raffaele sollecito, are on trial for murder. a third suspect was found guilty last year and sentenced to 30 years in prison.


One comment on “meredith kercher tried to phone mother

  1. Harry Rag says:

    For anyone who is interested in the facts behind the media spin, and who cares to learn more about the victim of this terrible murder – Meredith Kercher – there is an excellent discussion board

    as well as an interesting blog

    These online resources are not for profit. Anyone can read and/or participate and people from around the world do. They have followed this case since November 2007, and are in no way related to Amanda Knox. Nor are they her friends

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