fast and furious germany release date confusion

Friday, April 10th, 2009

germany’s version of the u.s. moviefone website, kino has had the wrong release date posted on its homepage for ‘fast and furiouss,’ the vin diesel-paul walker-michelle rodriguez-jordana brewster film since march. the film, which was released in germany on april 2, still managed to land in the number 1 position with over 600K people attending. but in germany, films with this kinda star quality (however fallen) tend to pull in 1M bodies during opening weekend which in deutschland runs from thursday to sunday.

the 72 million dollar weekend debut in the u.s., leading to a 100 million international weekend, defies the theory that sequels have got no legs.

but the real questions are: can ‘fast and furious’ revive the u.s. car industry? was vin diesel’s career ever really dead? is michelle rodriguez just a piece of meat? is paul walker’s perpetual tan in the film aging him unnecessarily? is paul walker just a piece of meat? and why are all the cops white or asian and the deliquents and drug dealers black or brown?

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