sony viao p series pocket laptop

Friday, April 10th, 2009

yesterday, took a look at the sony viao p series laptop. it’s a pocket laptop that could conceivably fit in one’s back pocket if one wears baggy jeans and is a guy. at 999 euros (1200 dollars), it is definitely a vanity piece. and comes in an abundance of colors and a simple carrying pouch.

the big problem with the system, and this is addressed in the cnet review as well, is that it is virtually impossible to use the mouse. it’s one of these blackberry type contraptions that is bound to break. but the keyboard is nice and the screen is of surprising high quality. it comes pre-loaded with windows vista, which some people claim eats up 33GB of the 60GB memory.

is the vaio p the bridge between the convergence of the mobile phone and the computer? and should these 2 devices converge? nokia seems to think so, as they’re getting into the computer business. but as we can see, the problem is really all about the mouse and navigation. and how small can one go and still give users control. perhaps the only solution is a touchscreen. and this is by far not a plug for apple, but for the LG prada 2 950 which is a touch phone that also comes with a keyboard that easily slides beneath the phone. the latest version comes with gps and wifi.


One comment on “sony viao p series pocket laptop

  1. mark says:

    Thanks for the review!

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