rick warren in a quandry

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

a lot of people are wondering why pastor rick warren, author of the bestseller, ‘a purpose drive life’ has begun to back pedal on his stance regarding california’s proposition 8. town hall has compared his performance to that of the disciple peter. a jump to youtube and a viewing of warren’s interview on ‘larry king live’ will probably clear that up in a few minutes. which will happen on this end once we take the time to google this. although generally speaking, watching larry king live should only be forced upon someone while he is on the treadmill.

a viewpoint can generally be respected even if it it is not accepted by a small minority, if there is consistency in the way it is presented. everchanging viewpoints generally are not.

even before saddleback church broke off from calvary ministries, warren had caught quite a bit of flack from more traditional ministries for his so-called ‘feel good’ church and sermons which don’t necessarily align themselves with a whole lot of biblical dogma/orthodox teaching. so perhaps this just gets tossed into the ever growing pile of rick warren gripes.


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