washington post still taking pot shots at george w. bush

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

that the headline screams ‘A More Simple LIfe for Bush,’ can be interpreted as a play-on-words alluding to the reality show, ‘the simple life,’ that made paris hilton and nicole ritchie household names.

george w. bush is not the worst u.s. president. that distinction goes to ulysses s. grant, as most historians know. with herbert hoover falling in the top 5. bush’s one big mistake was iraq. yet he did manage to make americans feel safe after the twin towers incident and the meltdown of the u.s. economy. people seem to have forgotten the two previous nosedives the stockmarket took in the early 21st century. the first was following the indecision that was the 2000 election and the dithering about hanging chads and divining the intention of low income and elderly voters. this managed to shake world confidence in the u.s. political system. the second nose dive happened following nine eleven. manhattan was a ghost town for about 3 months.

maybe ecouraging americans to continue spending and the car companies practically giving autos away and further encouraging people to live beyond their means, from an ethical perspective, wasn’t necessarily a good idea. but given that the u.s. GDP is made up of almost 70% of consumer spending, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. you can’t really reverse such dynamics overnight. but perhaps someone could’ve considered the long-term implications of such prolifigate spending. and teaching americans not to live beyond their needs. could this be the lesson of the 2009 recession? and the 21st century. happy easter.


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