dutch paper to fund journalist salary france bail out for newspaper industry

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

the guardian newspaper reports that the dutch government plans to fund positions for those on the lower rung of the job ladder while nicholas sarkozy has offered €600m in emergency aid to it’s failing newspaper industry and supply young people with a free subscription to any paper of their choice to save france’s troubled print industry. this coupled with some u.s. states offering newspapers a reduction in taxes of course underscores the seriousness of what is happening to the newspaper industry. but perhaps it is a good thing. the old advertising model must go. and the old hiring practices should be upgraded. but rupert murdoch’s proposed micropayment scheme isn’t the answer. this would be the model that some ISPs used in the 90s. aol used to charge people for internet access according to usage. but once companies like earthlink and regional access providers began to surface, that model went out the window. if the u.s. media collectively walls off content -especially now, in the middle of a recession, their present audience will just find their information elsewhere. like the bbc and so forth. the u.s. media should probably realise that their competitors are located around the globe.


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