organizing men in the u.s.

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

men in power is a new student group at the university of chicago. the article, in the chicago tribune could be a companion piece to the book ‘trouble with boys,’ detailing their problems in school. you can read about the book on

perhaps such a group might get feminists and other identity groups’ panties in a bunch. but there is a sort of crisis brewing in the u.s. and it’s all about men. they are beingin disproportionately hit by the recession. and education hasn’t been so nice to them. the majority of bachelor degrees in the u.s. go to women. and apparently (need to look the exact figure up) only 46% of undergraduates at u.s. universities are male.according to the tribune article, in the states, women get 135 bachelor degrees for every 100 males.

perhaps this is an ‘iron john moment,’ in the early 90s the book ‘iron job’ moved men to go into the wilderness and re-connect with their inner id. or something like that. but there are endless books like boys adrift that are being written at the moment concerning the woosification of men with some blaming public grammar school educators for not acknowleding the obvious. that testosterone works differently than estrogen. and just because sally can sit down nicely and do her homework doesn’t mean that johnny can. or something like that.


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