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is johnny depp cashing out?

Monday, June 29th, 2009

with no less than 14 films in pre-production, including ‘the lone ranger,’ one film coming out this summer (public enemies), one film in production (sin city 3), and three films in post production (including alice in wonderland) looks like (at least at a glance) that either johnny depp has michael jackson proportion debt or he’s trying to cash in before he hits 50 and may no longer be able to carry a film.


jackson paid kids mother 750K to stay away

Monday, June 29th, 2009

this article from the saturday edition of the guardian talks about michael and the seeds that led to his self-loathing. the article also asks us why people had been willing (and now even still) to excuse michael jackson everything, from his bleached out skin to his love of a monkey and the endless trail of little kids and his ‘jesus juice.’ the article also points out that michael jackson paid debbie rowe, the mother of his first 2 children whom he briefly married, $750K per year to stay away from her own children. that she did it is even more bizarre.

isn’t it disturbing that in endless newsreports that this woman, debbie rowe is referred to as ‘the birth mother’ or ‘the biological mother’ but never ‘the mother’ of her own kids? these kids who are whiter than white? if you know anything about biology and how the male has the dominate genes, one has to wonder. if we look at halle berry or barack obama, both of whom had a black father and a white mother, we gotta wonder who is the father of michael jacksons ‘kids.’ did he merely marry debbie rowe so that he could lay claim to the kids knowing that no court in the u.s. (or the world) would allow him to adopt a child. not even malawi? and how in the world did madonna end up with black kids and michael jackson with white ones? the endless questions don’t just stop here.

update: according to an article in the new york post, quoting an interview from the weekly world news, the kids were not fathered by michael jackson.

michael jackson schizophrenia

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

today’s daily mail goes into details about unconfirmed and confirmed speculations and facts about michael jackson’s life and final days. gay. anorexic. bulimic. pill poper. suicidal. and supposedly, according to the article, michael jackson was diagnosed as schizophrenic as a child. the man whom paul mccartney is quoted as calling a ‘boy-man’ in the saturday edition of the guardian newspaper had a life as colorful if not more so than phil spector. but at least he never shot anybody.

the 70s and 80s are officially over; michael jackson and farrah fawcett both die at ucla

Friday, June 26th, 2009

yesterday, the 70s and 80s simultaneously ended upon the death of michael jackson (heart attack) and farrah fawcett (anal cancer).

last year, when john mccain was passed over for president in favor of barack obama, the 60s officially ended. now can we get rid of the 90s?

photos of the self-proclaimed ‘king of pop’ with paramedics can be seen here.

german twilight casting show bites the big one

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

til schweiger, arguably the most popular actor in germany was part of a small panel of judges charged with finding an extra cast member for ‘eclipse,’ the third installment of summit entertainment’s ‘twilight’ saga.

the whole thing looked like a marketer’s wet dream. a t.v. show that would air weekly giving stephanie meyer and summit entertainment basically one hour of free commercial time in the biggest media market in germany. but after only a handful of shows, the ‘mission hollywood’ casting show has been cancelled after garnering only a 11.5% audience.

this seems to be a ‘twilight’ week for ‘a blog about whatever.’ but although stephenie meyer’s ‘twilight’ and ‘new moon’ books currently hold the first and second place on the bestseller list in germany, could the cancellation of this ‘twilight’ special be the beginning of the end of edward cullen burnout?

this blog tends to venture off in various directions exploring different themes. sometimes this stuff is seemingly somewhat assinine, other times somewhat substantial. but never 100% serious. everything should be read with a sense of humour.

robert pattinson first 21st century teen idol

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

at ‘a blog about whatever’ we haven’t been overly concerned with whose in and whose out in terms of film or music. about a year ago there was talk about how it seemed that the only teen and tween idol out there was shira la-whats his name. who isn’t actually that attractive. of course zac efron has been around for a whole 3 films. but he’s like gay male fantasy fodder.

since vampire robert pattinson got hit by a taxi a few days ago trying to escape his tween-aged fans. this blogger has decided to invest more thought and time into this whole teen idol thing.

if you think about it. johnny depp is pushing 50 and isn’t tom cruise almost right there too. forever i’ve been wondering, where are the male actors to make women swoon? and as stated, zac efron, with his perfectly waxed body, doesn’t count. daniel radcliff just is not attractive (with or without the HP glasses). there are loads of young actresses who make the grade. but when it comes to teenage girls…well just look at titanic. they weren’t lined up to see kate winslet’s robost bod. they were all drooling over leo.

but what happened to leo. well various films he’d signed up for pre-titantic release suddenly came out all in the row. the worse of which was ‘the man in the iron mask’ in which dicaprio famously declares ‘i wear the mask, it doesn’t wear me!’

he then proceeded to diss his female fans by ignoring them. he wallowed in his 10 million a film pay day and went out and got all bloated and fat from booze and whatever. the he got all PC on the world and started tooling around in a toyota prius and yapping about the environment. which on one level is okay. but tweens don’t really give a s**t.

then he got himself together and started working again. but by then the damage had been done. he may be 35 but johnny depp looks way younger than him.

robert pattinson just might be the first teen idol since duran duran who has the ‘power’ to make girls cry. or maybe that should be revised to ‘new kids on the block.’ although as legend has it, donnie wahlberg only made them scream. the same with ‘nsynch’ –but that’s because the girls already knew lance was gay. pattinson is at least the first actor that the bbc has deamed important enough to show running his fingers through his hair.

does any of this stuff matter. yes it does. at least for selling film tickets and dvds and blue ray discs, and advertising on youtube and so on.

but will pattinson’s instant success come back to (dare we say) haunt him? with this ‘little ashes’ movie in which apparently he shows more than a little ass, he’s having more than a leonardo dicaprio ‘man in the iron mask’ moment. the question is, is there a publicist in hollywood who could take this gay film and couple it with robert pattinson’s ‘because i’m gay’ comment made on mtv news and spin it in a way that will convince female tweens that you know, he’s straight? even if he is. which he probably is. what gay man would be caught dead with bead head and and b.o.?

i would assume that he might be considering that he has already signed up for all 3 sequels to the ‘twilight’ movies. we know why kirsten stewart has, because you know, female leads are always expendable. but any straight guy would’ve waited for each successive film to come out then sign on for the next. that’s how you make money in hollywood, isn’t it?

sacha baron cohen at brüno premiere

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

the reviews are in. the guardian gives sacha baron cohen’s send up of the so non politically correct take on the fashion industry 3 stars out of 5.

the video of the londonpremiere of the film includes footage from the film.

italian newspaper responds to new york time's amanda knox hit job on the italian criminal justice system

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

the italian newspaper corriere della sera responded to the ridiculous ‘innocent abroad’ blog post from timothy egan posted on the new york times website from a couple of days ago. in the post egan bascially called the italian prosecutor inept and declared that knox is innocent because well she’s a white girl from seattle washington and attended a jesuit school. you can read the italian article here. mind you, it’s in italian.

sacha baron cohen aka borat aka bruno

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

sacha baron cohen, better known as ali g, in his new docu-mocku-mentary plays the flamboyant bruno, an austrian fashionista who works in the fashion industry, declares ‘he wants to live the austrian dream of finding a partner, buying a dungeon and starting a family.”

you can watch the trailer here. or go to the applie website to watch a higher quality version.

alexandra shulman from vogue speaks up about skinng models

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

it seems that heroin chic is officially over. peaches and pixie geldolf –the scene girls as they’re called in this london times article calls them.

alexandra shulman, editor of the highly influential vogue magazine has had the fortune (or misfortune) of having one of her memos to leading fashion houses leaked to the press.

in the memo she talks about models being sent over with jutting bones and no breasts. one model booker in the article talks about how she’s been required to find five foot ten inch women with size twenty-three waists. if one could imagine.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with thin models. and as many have noted, obesity is a much greater health issue in the developed world than anorexia. and that retailers/designers in the uk and the u.s. and most assuredly other countries continuously alter their sizes to make people feel good about themselves. various women have commented that at 18 they wore a size 5/6 in the u.s. and are now a size 0 at aged 30 when they in fact have gained weight –not a dramatic amount, mind you.