turnout for eu vote around 40% in most countries

Monday, June 8th, 2009

with malta clocking in at a turnout near 90%. center right political parties have been the biggest winner in the european parliamentary election. but it is the european commission which plays the primary role when it comes to the 27 member states in the european union. the lowest turnout was in slovakia at just under 20%.

according to der spiegel, with germany being one of the few exceptions, far right parties entered the parliament for the first time from member states such as the uk and the netherlands. with countries such as denmark and austria seeing their nationalist parties gaining a huge percentage.

what does this mean for the eu? is the european union moving to the right while the u.s. moves to the left? or is this the result of a low turnout.

the center right parties such as the tories in the uk and the cdu/csu combo in germany, led by angela merkel, are not troubling. it’s more parties like geert wilder’s freedom party in holland, the dvp in denmark, and the british national party (which won’t allow non-whites to join) which has won seats for the first time.


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