did amanda knox and raffaele sollecito kill meredith kercher

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

for some people the answer is ‘of course’ foxy knoxy and her italian boyfriend did it. for this timothy egan who has written the worst editorializing blog entry ever for the new york timeshe believes, ‘of course she didn’t do it, because she has the face of an angle.’ well, 2 words might clear things up for this writer, ted bundy. he didn’t look like a killer either. google his last video interview on youtube and make the comparison. the american college student (knox) who had been spending a year abroad in a small village in italy dominated by college students is caught up in what some might call a show trial, in italy with sollecito, her boyfriend (who according to vanity fair always carried a penknife), over the murder of her roommate the brit meredith kercher.


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