photos of david carradine surface in thai tabloid

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

should thai rath, the thailand based tabloid, have run this photo of david carradine? the man who made a living imitating an asian man in the kung fu TV show because hollywood couldn’t bring itself to cast a real asian man, seems to have had a secret alternative life.

the question is, do fans of kill bill 1 and kill bill 2 really need to know that david carradine was into drag and kinky sex. or will they now view these films and his other b-movie romps from a whole new perspecitve?

well, it gives people a whole different perspective about hollywood stars. remember bob crane? don’t you wonder what stuff will surface after billy bob thornton or angelina jolie kick the bucket. or perhaps this is an infomercial waiting to happen about the perils and pitfalls of viagra.

update: david carradine autopsy photos are making their way around the internet. one might asked, ‘can’t the celeb get a break.’ he’s getting the same treatment as the aforementioned bob crane, as well as elvis presley, and river phoenix. the later two were shown in their funeral caskets.


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