michael jackson schizophrenia

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

today’s daily mail goes into details about unconfirmed and confirmed speculations and facts about michael jackson’s life and final days. gay. anorexic. bulimic. pill poper. suicidal. and supposedly, according to the article, michael jackson was diagnosed as schizophrenic as a child. the man whom paul mccartney is quoted as calling a ‘boy-man’ in the saturday edition of the guardian newspaper had a life as colorful if not more so than phil spector. but at least he never shot anybody.


4 comments on “michael jackson schizophrenia

  1. pangi says:

    Would make sense about the schizophrenia, except that the illness is not diagnosed in boys until late adolescence, never during childhood. For women, the illness appears much later, generally in their 20’s. Perhaps he was diagnosed right around the time he went solo.

  2. an onlooker says:

    It is another whopping lie from the internet. Michael Jackson was a very insightful, intelligent little boy, teenager, and young adult. I think it is a shame that ignorant people feed off of negativity about Michael Jackson because they are so jealous of his talents and accomplishments. Those same “low lifes” do not have anything else better to do than to think up crazy crap to drag someones name and reputation through the mud. I am amazed at how many people still want to believe that he is a pedofile INSPITE of Michael being aquitted of ALL charges without a shadow of a doubt. It was proven in court in 2003 and 1993(although in 93 Michael decided to settle out of court with people who’s case did not stand.)IT WAS PROVEN THAT THE PEOPLE IN EACH CASE WERE GOLDIGGERS. On the Friday after Micheal Jackson died, Evan Chandler admitted that he and his family lied on Michael to get his money…. YET people are still calling him a child molester! It is all attributed to HATRED!!!!!!!

    • whatever says:

      umm. who dragged MJ’s rep through the mud. are you sure the oxygen tank, masks, skin peels, massive amts of plastic surgery and bubbles the monkey didn’t have anything to do with this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its possible to be intelligent and schizo. When you feel trapped in a situation. Those thoughts come out.

    In reality it explains a whole lot
    The drug use, the behavior, the disconnect that developed later in his life.

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